Call for papers for PhD seminar on March 17, 2018 in Lusaka, Zambia

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) will organize a Ph.D. Seminar on March 17, 2018 after the 2nd Africa Conference of the ITS in Lusaka. Access to this conference will be free of charge for the participants of the Ph.D. seminar.

The objective of the ITS Ph.D. Seminar 2018 is to share the valuable expertise in the information, communications, and technology sectors represented by leading academics, industry experts and renowned r esearchers with a selected group of graduate students in a highly-focused learning environment. In this spirit, the focus will be on the discussion of ideas presented by the student participants, rather than s imply on the presentation of papers.

Meet the Experts!

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) is an association of academics and other professionals in the information, communications, and technology sectors. Its network of researchers comprises outstanding scholars in the field of telecommunications research that are well known from the literature (see

To share the valuable expertise represented by specialized academics and industry experts with younger researchers, ITS organizes a PhD seminar in Accra.

Up to 10 students will be invited from the responses to this call. Several distinguished international scholars from within the ITS community will participate as discussants.

Please note that to be most effective, the discussion will be based on full (draft) papers. Only in exceptional cases will extended abstracts (min. 8 pages) be accepted for submission. Papers presented at the Seminar will be considered for refereed submission in Telecommunications Policy.

The Ph.D. Seminar is being organized locally with the assistance of the International Telecommunications Society. Participation is free of charge. Successful participants will receive a certificate from the International Telecommunications Society. The subsidy for the selected PhD students will be up to USD 500. (If their expenses are lower, ITS will only fund the actual expenses).

Call for Papers

Papers can be submitted for presentation and discussion related to the following topics – which are also the main topics of the ITS conference:

  1. Policy & Regulation in African Telecom Sector
  2. Mergers & Acquisition activities in African Telecom Sector
  3. Digital divide and Broadband
  4. The ICT Development
  5. Telecom Business Models and Applications
  6. Telecom Infrastructure Investment
  7. Smart Society
  8. Content Issues

Submission of expression of interest and papers

Expression of interest should be sent to Anders Henten by 1 November 2017 and full paper by 1 January 2018.

Please send your full paper together with a CV to: Prof. Anders Henten at Submitted papers will be assessed by a panel.